Ronstan Clear Start Watches

The most popular sailing watch in the world just got better. Ronstan's Clear Start™ Race Timer and Watches have been completely updated for 2014 with bold new styling and true sailing functionality. Redesigned for a new generation, the entire range offers clean, modern styling, without sacrificing usability. It feature large buttons, easy-to-read displays and advanced intuitive programming designed specifically with the racing sailor in mind.

Improving on the original design, the updated Clear Start™ timer and watches have been carefully developed with direct input from some of the world's top sailors. This input led Ronstan to create both an updated version of the original Clear Start™ Race Timer and a new wrist watch version that can be comfortably worn as a day-to-day time piece.Available in three attractive colour combinations, the new Clear Start™ Watches feature smooth contours so lines won't get caught on the watch face, while the versatile large faced Race Timer can be worn as a watch or mounted remotely for viewing by crew.

The entire Clear Start™range features oversized digit displays for easy viewing. The Race Timer presents huge 16mm (5/8") numbers that can be remotely viewed, even when mounted to the boom or mast base. The Sailing Watch displays only slightly smaller 13mm (1/2") digits, which can be viewed at a glance without taking your hand off the helm to read.Designed to survive the rigours of competitive sailing, Clear Start™ products are water resistant to 50m (150ft), highly shock resistant and feature a bright luminescent backlit display for night sailing.

The updated Clear Start™ range also includes several new advanced timing features designed specifically for sailboat racing. With Start Sequence Re-synchronisation it is easy to get back onto the official race time even if initially started late. With the press of a button, the sequence time drops down to the next minute allowing you to get back in perfect SYNC at the next opportunity. Intuitive sound signals indicate exactly where you are in the start sequence without looking at the display. Pre-programmed with ISAF 5-4-1-0 and Match Racing sound sequences, they can also be user defined or turned off if desired. End of sequence Countdown or Count Up allows the watch to be set to repeat the countdown at the end of the sequence for general recall re-starts, or to start counting up to track elapsed time. The multi-line display also displays real time below the countdown time eliminating the need to switch modes before the start of the race sequence.


Also now available in a smaller size and Stainless Steel....


The Stainless Steel version is available in two style options, while the new 40mm size is offered in three colour schemes. Like the rest of the range, these new models are uniquely Ronstan and offer the same functionality and winning features that have made the Clear Start™ Timer and Watches so successful and popular with sailors and non-sailors alike.    


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