Andersen Winches


Andersen Winch

Ronstan has acquired Frederik Andersen Maskinfabrik, the Danish manufacturer best known for the quality and beautiful finish of their signature Andersen Winches. This has given SailTek access to the Andersen's product range.

Andersen winches are a perfect complement to the Ronstan deck hardware supplied by SailTek.

Andersen winches were first supplied in the late fifties and over the years the production techniques have been developed to a high degree. This has resulted in a product that is well respected by customer and competition for it strength and elegance.

Unique to the range is the Power Rib on the drum surface which is easy on sheet and halyard ware whilst allowing low vertical friction for the rope to slide up the drum preventing riding turns. The self tailing winches are self-adjusting and allow use of a variety of sheets and halyards on the same winch. The drum is made of a lightweight stainless steel with an internal construction of aluminium bronze resulting in a winch of similar or lighter weight than an aluminium winch.

Andersen Winches are available for all boat sizes or setups covered by the following product range:

Standard Winches

Self Tailing Winches

Classic Winches

Electric Winches

Compact Electric Winches

Hydraulic Winches

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